Bible Code Sundays play Páirc Festival on Saturday 25th August taking place at the New Irish Centre, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Bible Code Sundays, a band renowned for their unique fusion of Celtic rock, are set to electrify the stage at Páirc Festival. Formed in the vibrant Irish community of London in 2006, the band has built a loyal following with their energetic performances and deeply resonant music that blends traditional Irish sounds with rock, punk, and folk influences.

Bible Code Sundays began their journey in London pubs, where their powerful and emotive music quickly caught the attention of the local Irish community and beyond. Their name, an homage to their roots, reflects their spirited and sometimes irreverent take on both life and music. They released their debut album, Ghosts of Our Past, in 2006, which was met with critical acclaim and set the tone for their future works.

Their music is a tapestry of stories, often reflecting the experiences and emotions of the Irish diaspora. With albums like Boots or No Boots and New Hazardous Design, they have cemented their place in the Celtic rock scene, delivering songs that are as poignant as they are powerful.

Bible Code Sundays are known for their dynamic and high-energy live shows. They have performed at major festivals and venues around the world, sharing the stage with iconic bands and musicians. Their ability to connect with the audience, combined with their robust and heartfelt performances, makes them a standout act wherever they play.

Attendees of Páirc Festival are in for a treat as Bible Code Sundays bring their infectious energy and captivating music to the festival stage. Expect a setlist that includes a mix of their greatest hits, new material, and perhaps a few surprises. Their performance promises to be a highlight of the festival, offering an experience that is both deeply rooted in tradition and exhilaratingly contemporary.

Páirc Festival can not wait to welcome Bible Code Sundays to our summer Irish Festival for the first time on Sunday 25th August!

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