Riverdance play Páirc Festival on Saturday 24th August, taking place at the New Irish Centre, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Riverdance will play Páirc Festival on Saturday 24th August, headlining our summer music festival. They will be joining a line up that features Bob Geldof, Nathan Carter, Boyzlife, The Sharon Shannon, Frances Black & Mary Coughlan Trio, The Tumbling Paddies, The Whistlin’ Donkeys and more!

Since Riverdance first burst onto the world stage, its fusion of Irish and international dance and music has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Páirc attendees will enjoy all the highlights of the main show, from electrifying dance routines to mesmerising music to breathtaking performances that have captivated audiences around the globe.

Páirc can not wait for Riverdance to bring this unforgettable celebration of Irish culture and entertainment to the main stage over the August Bank Holiday Weekend!

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