Forged Irish Stout

Páirc Festival is thrilled to announce Forged Irish Stout will be sponsoring the VIP area this year, delivering you a world class celebration of Irish music and culture!

Forged was created by UFC star Conor Mcgregor and is brewed, kegged and served in the heart of Dublin at The Black Forge Inn. First brewed in 2020, the dry Irish Stout has quickly become a must-try, drawing fans around the world to Ireland’s capital to try the exclusive brew.

Forged is only served at The Black Forge Inn but has been made available outside Dublin on occasion, including a one-day exclusive at the iconic The Turf Pub, a local to Wrexham FC fans. 1000 pints of McGregor’s Forged were served, in partnership with the popular football team, to raise money for charity.

The success of the stout and The Black Forge Inn has seen it bring home multiple awards at the Bar of the Year Awards and outsell Guinness by a wide margin in one weekend, news that owner Conor McGregor shared to his 10 million Twitter followers.

Forged is the smoothest, creamiest, and freshest Stout you will ever experience and Páirc Festival is extremely excited to have the world-beating stout sponsoring the VIP area this year.

Read more about Forged on their website