Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity

We are delighted to announce that Páirc Festival will be supporting Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity following an anonymous donation from a local Irish businessman.

The donor, who wished to remain anonymous, passed the opportunity of sponsorship to two deserving charities, the other being Betel UK, that we are so happy to support as the headline charities for Páirc Festival 2023.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity exists to support the 90,000 sick kids treated at the hospital, from across the UK, every year. Charitable donations allow the hospital to be at the forefront of what’s possible, ensuring every patient and family benefits from the best care, treatment, experience and environment.

The charity will be fundraising at Páirc Festival as part of their £1.5 million iMRI appeal to support the life saving and transformative treatments they can offer to patients with a brain tumour or epilepsy.

Páirc is very happy to be supporting both charities at this year’s festival and we look forward to highlighting the great causes they represent.

Learn more about Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity’s fundraising efforts here.